SSK Advisors announces training on many Technical Courses.
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CNG Compressors, CNG Dispensers, Engines and overhauling
SSK Advisors install best LNG Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants and LNG Dispensers worldwide.
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SSK Advisors
SSK Advisors
Consultancy for LNG Equipments, CNG Equipments and Environment Equipments
SSK Advisors are the best consultants on Operation and Maintenance, LNG Plant/L-CNG/CNG and Environment in India and worldwide.
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LNG & L-CNG Re-gasification Plant
LNG Plant is integrated system with cryogenic submersible pump, tanks, vaporizer, vacuum pipelines, valves etc.
Sewage & Waste Treatment Plant
We expertise in Sewage & Waste Treatment Plant Installation and Maintenance.
Operation & Maintenance Consultancy
We have helped so many organizations by advised them on operation and Maintenance.
Consultancy for LNG, CNG & Environment
We help clients across the oil and gas sector to innovate and adapt to challenging environments.
About Us
SSK Advisors is a Group Company set up in 2011 to identify new business opportunities aligned with the Nation’s requirements in the fields of Energy, Health and development of skilled manpower.
It is a group of Marketing and Technical Professionals with more than 500 man-years experience engaged in collaboration with global companies and their products that cater to the following sectors in India.
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